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Ryan Peterson appointed senior principal

Ryan shares the credit on his appointment with his entire team. When consulting, Ryan and his team start with the needs of the client and that service mentality allows their expertise to shine through.

“My appointment to senior principal is a credit to my team because they have allowed me to share my expertise with clients. I’m proud to be part of a team that can help Cardno put our best foot forward on important projects around the country.”

He considers the Senior Principal designation as another vehicle to share the great work the team performs.

“We have specialists in a diverse array of disciplines that can move projects forward and provide the kind of trusted advice that clients need to achieve their objectives.”

An example of this is the recently completed Bethel Cemetery Relocation project. Ryan and his team were able to work on every phase of this large project from initial surveys and research to the relocation of an entire cemetery.

“It was a significant effort and the many stakeholders were pleased with the end result. Many of us at Cardno were privileged to see this project through, working with several partners including multiple universities and community stakeholders. It was validating to see it all come together so well.”

Senior Project Archaeologist located in Indianapolis IN

Ryan Peterson, Senior Principal, Environment