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Resilience expert speaks at AMPEAK 2019

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Australia’s leading asset management conference, AMPEAK, has concluded for another year, with this year’s conference held in Perth, Western Australia, experiencing unprecedented demand, resulting in a sell-out.

The increased interest in the Asset Management Council event reflects the growing awareness and interest in the benefits that asset management can deliver.

Cardno’s expertise in asset management was highlighted at the event, with our Global Senior Principal – Asset Risk and Resilience, Mick Bilney, presenting on the benefit that enterprise-level risk and resilience analysis can deliver in improved recovery time and cost.

Mick, who has over 30 years’ experience in international organisation and management system risk analysis and development, shared case studies of successful implementation of this approach within organisations which include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States and the US Department of Defense.

Risk and resilience expert, Mick Bilney presented at the 2019 AMPEAK conference

"What our work has found is that many organisations have been blindsided by high consequence, low likelihood risks which when they arrive, often have unforeseen and interrelated impacts that exacerbate the initial event,” Mick said.

“There is evidence that these events are becoming more severe and more frequent and that existing standards may not account for this increased risk.

“Beyond identifying risks, our focus has been to quantify the costs and benefits of measures that harden facilities and reduce the time and cost to recover.

“With this information, decision makers can have confidence that investments in resilience are effective.”

A long term champion of the Asset Management Council, Cardno has been providing support through corporate sponsorship and active involvement in its chapters.

Globally, Cardno has extensive technical expertise in asset management, providing services that maximise the economic life and value of natural and built assets through prudent performance, risk and whole-of-life management.

For more information contact:

Mick Bilney
Global Senior Principal - Asset Risk and Resilience
Phone: +1 303 273 0231

Stephen Walker
Business Leader - Asset Strategies
Phone: +61 7 3100 2153