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Register for Cardno's webinar on COVID-19’s impact on human trafficking, social risk, and modern slavery in Southeast Asia

When global shocks occur, the most vulnerable are often disproportionately affected. COVID-19 is no exception: reports suggest a sharp spike in people pushed below the poverty line and many of their liberties adversely affected, which makes them more vulnerable to entrapment in situations of trafficking or slavery while expanding the social risks they are exposed to.

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With an economic crisis looking inevitable, many parts of the world will face a growing humanitarian crisis, including parts of Southeast Asia which are likely to be on the “front line” of this potential social catastrophe. During this hour, our panelists will discuss how businesses, governments, and civil society can continue their efforts to identify and end modern slavery, and the implications for Australian businesses reporting against the Modern Slavery Act. Something that will be more important now than ever before.

Join us to discuss the concerning realities of social risk and modern slavery in our world, how this current health crisis is exacerbating the problem, and what practical steps companies can take to protect their stakeholders.

Date: 28th May 2020, 1 - 2pm AEST



Brian KraftSenior Consultant with Cardno
Brian is a senior consultant with expertise in strategy, stakeholder engagement, and political economics of emerging markets. Prior to joining Cardno, Brian advised leading companies on how to effectively and sustainably do business in complex markets across Southeast Asia. With a Masters in International Relations paired with over six years living and working in Indonesia and Singapore, Brian understands the complex intersections of business and politics in emerging markets

Paula RogersSupply Chain and Procurement Specialist with Cardno
Paula is a supply chain, procurement and sustainability expert, spending more than 25 years supporting listed companies such as Marks & Spencer, Kohl’s, Li & Fung, Wesfarmers and Myer. She has extensive strategic experience addressing compliance and risk in global operations and supply chains in over 70 countries, across six continents.

Matt Friedman, CEO with The Mekong Club
Matt is an international human trafficking expert with more than 30 years’ experience. He is CEO of The Mekong Club, an organization of Hong Kong’s leading businesses which have joined forces to help end all forms of modern slavery. Mr. Friedman previously worked for USAID and the United Nations in over 30 countries. He offers technical advice to numerous governments, banks and corporations working to eliminate all forms of modern slavery and is the author of twelve books. In 2017, Mr. Friedman won Asia’s prestigious “Communicator of the Year” Gold Award. Mr. Friedman has provided training to over 35,000 business professionals in twenty-five countries around the world on the topic of modern slavery.