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Providing multi-disciplinary services to Stockland’s Newport Lake

Stockland’s developing community, Newport, located north of Brisbane, Australia, achieved a major milestone this week as they unveiled their landmark 22 hectare artificial lake after three years of development.

The lake, which took three weeks to fill with water, will provide the residents of Newport and surrounding communities with a controlled waterway creating a waterfront lifestyle, allowing for a number of boating and recreational water activities.

Recognising Cardno’s extensive experience in planning, design and construction of urban waterway projects, Stockland commissioned Cardno to undertake civil and structural engineering design along with contract administration for the innovative project.

As part of the lake design process, Cardno provided detailed flooding, water quality and lake circulation modelling. The design enabled for the water level to be managed as it is controlled by an innovative weir linking the lake with the adjacent Albatross Canal and Deception Bay. Cardno also assisted in the management of the lake water quality which will be maintained through a pumping system that has a capacity of 2,200 litres per second. It will exchange the total volume of the lake every 30 days providing a safe environment for those making the most of the new waterway.

Entry to the lake through the neighbouring water systems of the Albatross Canal and Deception Bay will be managed by the Cardno designed navigation lock, which is the largest and most sophisticated of its type in Queensland. The lock, which permits vessels of up to 18 metre in length and 5.5 metre in beam to access the lake, utilises a fully computerised key card and remote key fob operating system allowing for greater access control.

Safety is paramount, and the lock includes features such as traffic signals, emergency trip stops and a laser 3D scanner to ensure safe navigation by all users. An elevating pedestrian bridge which raises when the lock gates are open has also been incorporated into the design, along with external and internal mooring pontoons with access gangways.

Surrounding the lake will be 2,000 residential allotments, with an estimated 300 lots having direct water frontage. Cardno also undertook the design of the lake’s bulk earthworks and lake revetment walls. The lake’s excavation provided the fill to raise the levels of the residential allotments. This was a significant task, with two million cubic metres of material being excavated during the earthworks operation.

Cardno is proud to have contributed to this ambitious and significant Stockland project by providing a range of engineering services, which will help to grow and develop Newport and surrounding communities while providing a waterway for all to enjoy.