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Paving the way for success

An Australian aid-funded pilot project improving how roads are maintained has inspired change to Indonesia’s national approach to maintaining provincial roads.

Run under Cardno's Indonesia Australia Partnership for Infrastructure, otherwise known as KIAT, the Provincial Road Improvement and Maintenance pilot (PRIM) started in 2013 in Indonesia's Nusa Tenggara Barat province to improve routine maintenance of sub-national roads.

“The PRIM pilot shows a new way of working by demonstrating the importance of planning, accountability and involving local communities in decisions that affect them,” explained Shamas Bajwa, KIAT’s Deputy Director for Transport.

PRIM has proven so effective that it has sparked the creation of Programme Hibah Jalan Daerah (PHJD), a national programme which will see the Government of Indonesia commit IDR 500 billion (A$50 million) from its 2019 national budget to roll this out across four provinces and six districts. The programme will be gradually expanded to other regions over the coming years. “The Government of Indonesia recognises that better maintained roads will facilitate access to basic services and economic opportunities for local people,” Shamas said.

Ben Williams, Second Secretary – Infrastructure from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta praised PRIM, saying it was "an outstanding result for sustainability, and shows what can be achieved through innovative approaches to infrastructure development.”

Indonesian schoolchildren and their mother crossing a road built through PRIM

A school-crossing in Indonesia built through PRIM

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