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More than a target - diversity as a development effectiveness principle

Joanne Choe, from Cardno’s International Development team argues that Australia’s aid program represents us to the world and, as such, it needs to embrace our nation’s diversity.

She believes that diversity is crucial to achieving the best development outcomes as development is complex and needs a vast array of expertise and experience. Women and men of different ages, cultures, abilities/disabilities, religions, socio-economic status and sexualities will bring a myriad of perspectives, approaches, emotions, ideas and mindsets to development challenges.

Joanne also points out that, when we think about diversity and its relevance, we need to think about it as a pathway to development effectiveness. If we do this, diversity becomes embedded as a development effectiveness principle.

Joanne Choe is Cardno International Development’s Regional Manager for the Pacific. She discusses the importance of diversity in aid programs, and suggests ways to utilise a more diverse advisory pool for programs. She spent 15 years managing development programs and policies for the Australian Government, particularly in PNG and Fiji, prior to her current role.

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A Fiji Women’s Fund grantee celebrating diversity

Fiji Women's Fund grantee, SAN Fiji (Credit: Fiji Women's Fund/DFAT)

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Joanne Choe
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