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Mike Jorgensen: lifelong learning

There is a common saying that there are no stupid questions. The more questions we ask, the more we learn, understand and the more versed we become in all aspects of life.

Cardno Hydrogeologist, Mike Jorgensen has certainly found that the more questions he’s asked throughout his career, the more clarity he sees in things.

Growing up in Southern California, Mike found a love for the outdoors early in life. Hiking through the valleys and national parks of California, Colorado and Mexico, Mike found something striking about his surroundings. As he grew older, he took a keen interest in all things earth science – rocks, water, greenery and how these all came to be.

Mike even flexed his green thumb and dabbled as a gardener to get him through his university years!

Image of hiking trail in Colorado

“My passion, love and interest for the outdoors and rocks have led me to where I am today. I’m lucky to be able to work with equally passionate people in my team and more broadly at Cardno.”

While completing his Bachelor of Arts in Geology, Mike had the opportunity to broaden his world by studying Russian and European History. After completing his Masters of Science in Geology, Mike explored for gold across the deserts of southwest USA and northwest Mexico. Following his years studying, Mike developed his client relationship skills, commercial acumen, and was able to determine the best way to maximize profits for his clients while offering his gardening services.

Today, Mike’s expertise lies in hydrogeology.

Panorama of a flooded quarry

As his career accelerated, Mike found himself working around the world. From his hometown of Southern California to the New York financial sector followed by work on pipeline and tunnelling construction projects in Southern California and Australia, he was immersed in the cultures and business practices of many different countries, always learning along the way. 

His knowledge is so sought after, he was transferred from the United States to Australia to provide technical guidance on projects around the country.

Being a hydrogeologist, it means Mike studies the way water gets into the ground (recharge), how it flows in the subsurface (through aquifers) and how groundwater interacts with the surrounding soil and rock (the geology).

Throughout his career and at Cardno, he has had the chance to work on numerous contaminated land and groundwater projects, including Superfund sites in California and PFAS-impacted sites across Australia.

Mike is a big believer in lifelong learning, of which Cardno is a great facilitator, and that no question is too dumb to ask. He also believes that whatever your role, opportunities can be endless if you commit to what you’re doing each and every day.

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, there is always opportunities to meet wonderful people. Seek them out and do your best to build relationships, whether they are personal or professional.”

Mike also adds “take care of yourself, your family and your friends. There’ll always be a job to go to, so make the most of your personal relationships as well.”

Mike was recently appointed as a Senior Principal.

The appointment reflects his extensive experience designing and undertaking geological and environmental investigations, such as evaluating the disturbance of the flow of shallow groundwater that discharges to sensitive wetlands. He has used a range of models to simulate site surface-water and groundwater conditions to evaluate mitigation measures, dewatering rates, and disposal options.

Cardno employee Mike Jorgensen

At Cardno, we are proud to invest in our people. Through lifelong learning opportunities, development programs together with supportive team culture, Mike continues to grow, learn and mentor those around him. He is helping his team realise their potential and empowers them to pursue their professional goals.

If you have a desire to be a lifelong learner, see what Cardno roles might suit you.