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Meet Blake Curtis: Our Key Account & Relationship Manager with Drive

Having developed an aptitude for speed through go-kart racing from a young age, Blake Curtis’s ability to navigate the long stretches, sharp corners and unrivalled speeds of the race track have led to a successful career as a Business Strategist and Key Account & Relationship Manager.

As a professional who is dedicated to driving growth and innovation in Cardno, our communities, and across the industry, Blake Curtis continues the conversation at home - empowering the next generation to be passionate about engineering.

Blake Curtis Son

Meet Master Curtis

A novice bridge designer and avid Lego enthusiast.

Approaching each project and decision with the same calculated precision and hint of risk as he would on the race track, Blake has been able to use his driving prowess to impressively grow his career.

Like the race track, his professional journey has had plenty of twists and turns but he is proud of where he is today and the contribution he makes to his team at Cardno.

Get to know Blake Curtis


I typically spend a lot of time on the phone or in online meetings speaking to our clients. I also review a lot of Requests For Tenders (RFTs), client plans and budget papers. I prepare, review and update strategic plans as well as monitor our sales pipeline and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Unfortunately, working from home has substantially limited my ability to travel and meet people face-to-face. I’m hoping we can return to a more normal lifestyle in 2022! 

Where I’m from: 

I was born in Sydney, though grew up in Canberra as my parents moved our family there when I was four years old. I returned to Sydney when I was 22, and more recently relocated to Newcastle. 

What I like most about working at Cardno: 

The amazing projects that we work on, and working with some of the smartest people I think I will ever know. It seems that almost every week I learn about an iconic engineering project we have delivered, or service or technical discipline we offer across Australia, APAC, and the globe, that I wasn't previously aware of. 

Blake Curtis on mountain bike over looking ocean

How I got here: 

I spent many years working in the Water and Utilities sector. I worked across a number of positions including Plant Operator, Plant Technician, Team Leader, Project Manager, and eventually Estimating, Business Development and Marketing. A connection of a colleague referred me to my current role here at Cardno. 

I’m passionate about my work because:

I like to understand the way different individuals think (both our clients and my colleagues) - their drivers, and how they have come to be in their role, position or industry. So many people have such diverse backgrounds and few follow the same route. I also enjoy preparing and executing strategic business and sales plans and looking back at highlights when being part of a successful team in business over a period of time gives me huge satisfaction. 

My greatest success so far is: 

Generally, my career progression. I wasn’t particularly studious and left school without a clear goal on what I wanted to do. My career has had plenty of twists and turns but I’m proud of where I am now and the contribution I make to this awesome team. 

Image of Blake Curtis as a child racing cars

When I was little, I thought I’d beCOME a: 

Racecar driver! I spent my younger years honing my skills in go-karts, racing from the age of 10 until I was 22. 


I’d love to spend a year travelling the world, following the F1 Circuit and attending all the races across a full season. 

When I’m not at work, my passion lies in: 

My main passion is Mountain Biking (MTB). I'm currently preparing for a 4-day MTB event early in 2022. I religiously follow Formula 1 and also enjoy watching my favourite teams play football (Bayern Munich) and NRL (Canberra Raiders).  

On Sunday morning, you’ll usually find me: 

If I’m not riding my bike, I’m probably mowing my lawn. I’m a creature of habit and have graciously accepted the responsibilities of “Dad-Life”. 

Blake Curtis and children holding book about engineering

Words of wisdom/philosophy for life: 

As I get older I believe the adage that “it’s the journey, not the destination.”