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Market Development Facility (MDF) releases Annual Aggregation of Results 2016

The Cardno-managed Market Development Facility (MDF) recently published its Annual Aggregation of Results 2016. The publication reports on the value of MDF’s partnerships with strategically-positioned private and public sector organisations in its countries of operation and outlines MDF’s achievements to date, whether on track, the scale of impact and projected achievements.

For example, by 2021, taking into account all the partnerships MDF has secured in the first phase, MDF’s work is expected to result in over USD120 million in additional income for 225,440 men and women, including 9,510 Full-Time Equivalent jobs, benefiting 744,620 household members.

As of 2016, MDF has invested USD2.52 million in supporting businesses and facilitating innovation, stimulating partner co-investments of USD7.81 million. This investment has generated USD20.15 million in new market transactions, and resulted in additional income of USD13.27 million for 24,170 men and women, benefiting 74,370 household members.

MDF is the Australian Government’s flagship program for private sector development and currently operates in Fiji, Timor-Leste, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. It creates sustainable livelihoods, boosts growth and creates jobs through partnerships with local business.

Cardno is responsible for all management and implementation functions of the Facility to maximise sustainable and systemic change in markets that lead to pro-poor growth.

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