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Making our lives better: Nick Glasson, Project Director Urban Infrastructure

Celebrating nearly 30 years with the company, Nick Glasson joined Cardno, now Stantec, to embark on a career that has seen his talent realised, working on many of Victoria's landmark urban development projects.

Respected in the industry and well regarded amongst his colleagues and peers for his technical expertise and high standards, we interviewed Nick to find out what makes this Cardno stalwart tick.

Nick on site at Tullamore, a 10-year project transforming a former golf course into 800 dwellings, parks and trails

Why did you become an engineer?

At school, my strengths were in the STEM subjects, I liked maths and science.

I naturally gravitated towards engineering because I craved exploring how things work. I liked to look at possibilities, instead of thinking "that will never work", I wanted to understand the problem and what was of value and look at options.

What do you like about being an engineer?

I like solving problems and using my knowledge to help produce positive outcomes for the client and improve how we live in the community. 

I work with incredibly talented people from a diverse range of professions that are technical experts in their field.  There's never a dull moment - from construction management, stormwater modelling, and geotechnical to geospatial, and they all have an equally important role in contributing to a multidisciplinary project. 

I'm always learning about other areas within the industry, new technology, new approaches and encouraging innovation in what we're building and in the way we're building it.

You've worked on many projects, which one is most memorable to you?

It would have to be Tullamore Estate, it was a unique project. 

The site's steep with varied topography and extensive existing trees and vegetation provided both challenges in design and opportunities to achieve a unique developed environment.

Tullamore Estate residential estate
In the 10-year journey, we developed a good relationship with the client and the contractors. We were part of a team, collaborating on delivering the best possible outcomes, like one big family.
Cardno project team undertaking inspection

You've successfully managed many large multidisciplinary projects, how do you make it work?

Keep it simple and focus on the value.  Plus open communication with a growth mindset.

As a company, we value features that sell but as a team, we also value feedback, we value speed and quality, we value people's happiness, and we value creativity and innovation. 

Nick has many young budding engineers in his team, which he has taken under his wing and continues to be their mentor, guiding them to achieve their potential. 

Understanding he can have more impact by helping those around him to learn, improve and thrive, Nick knows that others need challenges to grow and he supports them well.

"I encourage my team to ask questions, there is never a dumb question. The golden rule is to always double-check your work.  Measure twice, cut once" adds Nick.

Nick Glasson is a Project Director in Urban Infrastructure, Victoria. Read more about our land development projects