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Launching Cardno Victoria’s Community Mentors Program

We are delighted to launch Cardno Victoria’s Community Mentors Program in partnership with Whitelion.

Cardno Mentors will be providing career guidance to disadvantaged young people.

The program is fortunate to have a mentor from every business area to provide guidance in developing knowledge and skills to mentees.

The mentors will also provide valued advice and insight into their own personal journey in their chosen field, sharing real-life experience tips on how they overcame challenges along their career journey.

In addition to providing these insights, the mentee will also benefit from the network of connections with an opportunity to build their own network.

These connections could help them in the future by providing a potential business partner opportunity.

One key objective of the program is to help the mentees stay focussed on improving their skills and self-confidence.

The program will provide a great opportunity for the mentor to increase the mentee’s interest and explore new career areas, plus acting as a sounding board, to bounce off ideas.

Andrew Fitzgerald, North-East Area Manager, Whitelion says "We are excited to be partnering with Cardno in delivering the Eastern Community Connections program. A big thank you to David and the team for supporting Whitelion’s mission to build positive connections and pathways to work for the young people we work with."

We applaud the mentors for volunteering, demonstrating a true reflection on each individuals’ personal values and principles. 

  • Braeden Strahan UIPL
  • Chris Moritis Structural
  • Flora Huang Water Infrastructure
  • Francesco Bonacci Ports & Maritime
  • James Liversage Buildings
  • Rizwan Qamar Water Infrastructure
  • Kaitlin Chuo Traffic Engineering
  • Maria Berzunza-Sanchez Environment
  • Ram Sarma Geosciences
  • Kenny Pellosis Transport Infrastructure
  • David Gutteridge Water Infrastructure Advisory

"I’m proud to work for an organisation that is committed to give back to our community, and for the Cardno staff that have put their hands up to get involved. Many thanks must go to the team at Whitelion and Lauren Gordon at Anchor to help make this idea a reality." adds David Gutteridge, Program Founder

Congratulations to David Gutteridge, Team Leader - Water Infrastructure Advisory, on this fantastic initiative and getting it off the ground from conception to program launch.  Plus a big thank you to Whitelion staff: Andrew Fitzgerald, Bridget Harilaou and Ross Munro

Whitelion together with Cardno's Community Mentors Making a difference.