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Landscape Architecture team helping to keep Logan green

Our Landscape Architecture team led by Natural Areas Project Manager, Murray Swales, provided technical expertise to the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance including preparation of a planting site and procuring 2000 endemic flora species for the team’s fifth tree planting day. The event was held at the Cedar Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant site in Queensland, Australia.

The Cedar Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is currently under construction, was given an injection of greenery as it was the location for the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance’s (LoganWIA) fifth community tree planting day. The new plants will help build a habitat for local wildlife on the largely cleared site.

The event, held in the Greater Flagstone region, Queensland, Australia, was a huge success with 100 people participating, including LoganWIA project team members and their families, Cedar Grove residents, local community groups and Logan City Councillor, Trevina Schwarz, as they all rolled up their sleeves up to help plant trees throughout the day.

Our Landscape Architecture team led by Natural Areas Project Manager, Murray Swales, provided their technical expertise to the LoganWIA by preparing the planting site and procuring 2000 endemic flora species.

Murray’s expertise extended into the instruction of how to correctly plant the trees, as he gave the 100 budding green thumbs a lesson on how to properly prepare and plant a tree to ensure they grow strong.

The day commenced with the ceremonial planting of a Moreton Bay Fig tree by Cr Schwarz, LoganWIA Manager, Mark Vaughan, and his son, Liam. The rest of the attendees followed suit, getting their hands dirty and planting trees to help build a new community space.

The Landscape Architecture team’s work throughout the planting day continues Cardno’s ongoing involvement with LoganWIA’s sustainable projects in the Logan City Council area.

Cardno is a proud member of the LoganWIA, having provided our expertise in water and wastewater systems across the program. Our expertise was utilised on the Round Mountain Reservoir water quality project, which manages drinking quality water in a remote location.

The project offers up a number of Australian firsts as it incorporates technologies which harness the power of sun and salt to manage drinking quality. This includes using 323 PV solar panels and a single Tesla Powerpack to allow the 20 Megalitre Round Mountain Reservoir to operate off-grid and provide water to up to 200,000 Logan residences in future.

Cardno is proud to help LoganWIA’s continued work in providing sustainable projects and community initiatives to help better improve the Logan City Council area.

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Murray Swales
Natural Areas Project Manager
Phone: +61 7 3139 2965