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Julian Bosman appointed Senior Principal

Across Australia, the demand for rail services is forever increasing.

The understanding of how this mode of transport can be utilised to keep communities, cities and regions connected is making a resurgence and as a result, the need for railway specific services are crucial to help maintain and develop its network of infrastructure.

As railway infrastructure is complex and lives both above and below ground, quality, modern and timely geospatial services are vital in ensuring this mode of transportation continues to stay operational and development projects are completed on time and on budget.

Julian Bosman, Project Director and newly appointed Senior Principal couples his understanding of spatial and surveying services and the railway corridors of New South Wales, Australia, to deliver projects to help ensure the states existing railway networks stay operational and viable while aiding in the development of new rail infrastructure.

Julian Bosman, Surveying, Senior Principal

Over his 25 years’ providing surveying and geospatial services, Julian has worked across a diverse range of infrastructure projects across almost all disciplines, and over this time he has developed a strong understanding rail-related projects which help to maintain and develop this crucial means of transport which keeps Australia connected.

As Project Director, Julian is heavily involved across all phases of the project, from liaising with stakeholders and clients, coordinating of project resources, final approval of data and drawings along with ensuring Cardno is compliant with all procedures, standards and specifications required to work within New South Wales rail corridors.

Upon his appointment as Senior Principal, Julian will continue to provide and oversee Cardno’s surveying and spatial services across rail projects, drawing on his extensive technical knowledge, project management skills and the very best technology in positioning and measurement (surveying), data capture and management, spatial analysis, mapping (GIS), and 3D modelling and visualisation (BIM and CADD).

He will further drive Cardno’s position as a market leader in surveying and spatial services by ensuring innovative spatial solutions are delivered in an efficient manner, empowering our clients to confidently make informed decisions during the maintenance and development of our growing and ever important rail networks.