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International Women in Engineering Day 2020

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Sustainable engineering practices have become a focus for the industry in recent years, looking at how technical, ecological, social and economic systems interact. Today, engineers are looking for holistic solutions that focus on the now as well as meet the needs of future generations.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with the health and beauty of our natural environment. Naturally we picture vast green lands, vibrant coral reefs and a sky free from air pollution. 

Sustainable engineering ensures practices and materials are used in way that does not compromise the natural environment, but leaves environments thriving for future generations to enjoy.

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). At Cardno, we are proud to have female engineers working sustainably for our clients around the world.

This year’s INWED theme is #ShapeTheWorld and some of our female engineers share with us how they see sustainability and sustainable engineering #ShapeTheWorld for today and the future.
Headshots of six Cardno female engineers

Q: How do you see sustainable engineering #ShapeTheWorld for future generations?

As sustainable engineers, we refine the designs to reduce energy, labour and materials and make sure end results blends into the environment. Reducing cost and using less resources, it creates healthy and liveable communities.

– [6] Falguni Solanki, Structural Engineer, Darwin, Australia

Q: What inspires or drives you most to ensure you’re implementing sustainable practices?

My family and children motivate me to be responsible and implement sustainable practices. The world we are leaving for future generations is in our hand right now. Sustainability should be more than a business practice, it should be a lifestyle.

– [4] Heather SchwarSenior Water Resource Engineer, Wisconsin, Untied States

Q: In your particular role, what are some sustainable practices you use every day?

My work focusses on effective solutions for problems that protect our vital life support systems and, at the same time, meet the needs of a growing human population. By incorporating sustainability into my practices means I can help minimize environmental damage by meeting water urban sensitive design guidelines, designing products and processes that will not harm the environment and simultaneously, improve the quality of life.

– [5] Nasim Jahanfar, Civil/Hydraulic Engineer, Darwin, Australia

Q: In your particular role, what are some sustainable practices you use every day?

I am always looking for new ways to improve efficiency and decrease waste. This includes reducing the amount of printed materials and paper waste. I try to do everything electronically and only print when required. Although the result from me is small, the cumulative impact of us all can be large.

– [2] Kathy Garrett, Senior Engineer, Utah, United States

Q: How do you see Civil & sustainability engineering #ShapeTheWorld for future generations?

Building a more sustainable world will need more women engineers. Data shows that only 13% of engineers in the workforce are women. Despite the global crucial conversation about Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity women are under-represented in engineering, yet they are needed to develop inclusive solutions. More women engineers would mean more role models and mentors for future generations.

– [3] Andi Davari, Civil Engineer, Sydney, Australia

Q: How are you using sustainable engineering practices to shape your projects?

Sustainable engineering is a major application in the built infrastructure asset management sector through life-cycle assessment of materials and equipment. By understanding a product from “cradle to grave” we can provide our clients with maintenance solutions that help increase the life of the product and therefore reduce landfill waste or recommend replacement of energy wasting materials or equipment with energy saving solutions while concurrently saving money. 

– [1] Alejandra Monterrosa, Facilities Engineer, California, United States

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