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Iconic Brighton Beach receives an 'Instagrammable' makeover

Dendy Street Beach is renowned for the environmental, recreational, economic values and cultural heritage it provides to the broader community and its visitors.

However, due to a number of years of shoreline erosion, its iconic bathing boxes have become vulnerable to coastal hazards, along with the native vegetation and coastal dunes.

Bayside City Council is addressing this issue with the Cardno, now Stantec coastal team to effectively protect these highly valued beach assets from further erosion, without having any detrimental effects on the surrounding precinct.

Coastal and Ocean Engineer, James Mason said the primary goal was to provide a healthy, wide beach protecting the iconic Brighton bathing boxes, which secondarily creates a sandy beach amenity for all tourists and residents to enjoy.

“The design has utilised the naturally occurring coastal processes, sourcing the renourishment sand for the beach locally for a more environmentally friendly and economically efficient result.”

The study site area of Dendy Street Beach is between the Brighton Lifesaving Club and Holloways Bend and includes 96 bathing boxes. The design life aims to provide 3-5 years of immediate protection measures to the beach and the boxes. This short-term option has been constructed while further long-term options are being considered as part of the protection works.

“Seeing the construction come to life and knowing all the great work has led to a healthier beach in an already picturesque setting is extremely rewarding,” said James.

“And seeing many others enjoy the renourished beach and the setting of the bathing boxes is equally rewarding!”

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