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IAIA19 wrap up

The 39th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA19) successfully wrapped up in Brisbane on Thursday.

Almost 1,000 local and international Impact Assessment (IA) professionals attended the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre nestled in the heart of the city’s cultural precinct.

As proud sponsors of IAIA19, we were lucky enough to talk with many IA professionals at our booth which proved to be a welcomed retreat for those looking to escape the crowds, reflect on the event and refine their colouring in skills.

Alan Chenoweth colouring in the Cardno booth at IAIA19.

Alan Chenoweth was drawn to our booth's colouring in wall.

We were also represented by a number of great speakers across the four-day event which launched on Monday 29 April.

To open proceedings, Senior Consultant Alan Chenoweth alongside wife and Professor Emeritus at Griffith University Lesley Chenoweth, presented the Charlie Wolf Memorial Lecture ‘Queensland: booming one day, catching up the next?’.

The lecture was a fitting introduction to the event as it talked about the the unique environmental, social, and cultural features of Queensland’s capital.

Jeanne Ellis who is a Principal and Director ‒ Social & Environmental Impact Management with our International Development team, examined the intersection between impact assessment and international development programs.

Jeanne also examined how to tailor IA practices to achieve socioeconomic improvements in aid projects, how to identify lessons from aid programs and apply it to IA, and discussed opportunities for partnership between traditional IAs and donor projects.

Senior Principal Ecologist David Francis teamed up with Senior Principal Environmental Planning Tracey Hooper to address the evolution of Australian offset frameworks. David and Tracey discussed the frameworks effectiveness in addressing environmental harm, and the future evolution of meaningful metrics for genuine ecological outcomes.

Melanie Aleman and Pablo Salvador, from our Portfolio Company Cardno Latin America, presented on conservation for development projects in Ecuador. Melanie and Pablo’s insightful presentation discussed how to balance development with conservation in one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

IAIA19 didn’t disappoint. From practical training and workshops to networking opportunities and brilliant presentations from the industry’s brightest minds, the annual conference is a pilgrimage every IA professional should make once in their life.