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Hugh McCormick, An Engineer for All Seasons

Hugh McCormick is renowned for being ready to cope with any contingency, especially while managing major projects such as The Southbank Boulevard transformation, North East Link Early Works and PPP.

An engineer for all seasons, Hugh is the one person people want on their team. Talented in many areas, Hugh takes on project challenges, striving for technical excellence and personal best.

Highly respected in the Cardno, now Stantec community, Hugh leads the Melbourne urban infrastructure team of 50 professionals. Setting a high standard in client relationships and project delivery, Hugh was instrumental in establishing the team for the Citywide contract, servicing the City of Melbourne for the past 14 years, alongside many other multidisciplinary commercial and defence projects. ​​​​​​​


Hugh started as a Municipal Engineer with the Borough of Sebastopol and City of Ballarat.

He then moved to Consulting Engineering with Grogan Richards in 1995, where he saw the company grow from a staff number of 25 to 100 when the company joined Cardno in 2006.

Leading the urban infrastructure business since 2019. Hugh says, “I’ve been with the company for almost three decades because I enjoy working with the people we have here. We’re lucky to work on interesting and challenging projects, seeing the positive impact these projects have on our urban environment and the community."

One such project was the Southbank Boulevard transformation, a four-year multidisciplinary project.

The City of Melbourne embarked on an ambitious quest to create five new public spaces and neighbourhood parks for the people of Southbank. The team led by Hugh were appointed the civil designers and as part of the project helped deliver new pedestrian walkways, parkland spaces, road facilities and detailed designs for traffic signals.

Hugh prides himself on being instrumental in building the Cardno, now Stantec business in Victoria and making his mark.  

An inspirational leader, Hugh shares his knowledge through training and mentoring, fostering a business mindset in best practice principles across all facets of the company.

Hugh nurtures the strengths and talents of people and has built a team committed to achieving common goals.  Throughout Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria, the team are proud of their involvement in the many projects that have helped shape the State from urban development to major infrastructure.  

"For me, creativity is solving problems in new ways and conceiving new ways of looking at the world" adds Hugh.

Hugh with his passion, an electric motorcycle being made by Savic Motorcycles

Hugh McCormick is the Business Leader for Melbourne Urban Infrastructure.  Read more about our urban infrastructure projects.