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Health scientist wins immunotoxicology award

​A Cardno health scientist’s paper examining the impact early life exposure to pollutants has on the developing immune system has received a prestigious award. Bethany Winans, PhD, received the Best Paper of the Year from the Society of Toxicology’s (SOT) Immunotoxicology Specialty Section at SOT’s 55th annual meeting in New Orleans on March 16, attended by nearly 7,000 toxicologists from 50 countries.

Entitled Linking the aryl hydrocarbon receptor with altered DNA methylation patterns and developmentally induced aberrant antiviral CD8+ T cell responses, the paper is based on experiments Bethany designed and performed.

Bethany joined Cardno in 2014, the year she received her doctoral degree in toxicology. Her primary areas of expertise are immunotoxicology, the developmental origins of health and disease, and epigenetic regulation. Her graduate work explored the link between early life exposures and immune responses later in life, investigating how developmental exposure to dioxin alters the epigenetic regulation and the function of CD8+ T cells, which are critical responders to viral infection.

She has provided litigation support in asbestos cases, helped to design studies to test sensitization reactions potentially associated with medical devices, and reviewed the toxicology of crude MCHM, one of the contaminants spilled in West Virginia in 2014. She also received the American Association of Immunologists Young Investigator Award at the Upstate New York Immunology Conference in 2013 and has co-authored

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