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Global Road Safety Week

Cardno is working in rural and developed communities around the world to ensure road users can travel to and from their destination safely.

Road safety is evolving. Governments and car manufacturers envision a world where cars are autonomous, capable of communicating with the surrounding environment; feeling the road, reading speed limits, signs and traffic lights as well as anticipating and preventing potential accidents and hazards with other road users.

UN Global Road Safety Week logo speak up to save lives

The aim: to reduce the risk of driver error. The overall goal is to improve road safety for all road users, closing the gap for human error and ensuring everyone gets where they need to be in one piece.

This vision however, is a far cry from the current environment in many of the countries we work in. In many cases, there are no developed or safe roadways, and users lack education on how to safely behave in the environment.

Our teams work to educate road users and develop and improve road infrastructure in many countries around the world.

From the United States, Australia, through to many African countries, we work with local governments to improve the roads people travel on each day.

In International Development

All Cardno attendees sat at the dinner table with the award

Our team, with funds from the Department of International Development (DIFD) UK, have developed a large online database of a country’s entire road network.

The system, ‘District Road Management System (DROMAS)' not only maps roads, it also details all aspects of them, including volume of use, aspect ratio and surface material. It enables knowledge sharing across entire rural and urban transport infrastructure sectors.

DROMAS was created during the award winning project, Improving Rural Access Tanzania, recently named the Best International Development Physical Project at the British Expertise International Awards. 168 districts throughout Tanzania were trained to use the DROMAS system, further highlighting the success of the system.

In Liberia, Cardno’s in-house transport experts authored a Road Safety Action plan, to be implemented over the next 10 years. These experts, Cardno IT Transport, are also contracted as part of multi-donor efforts to implement the plan, using GIZ and World Bank funding.

In the United States

Portion of I275 overpass being taken down as part of construction

Cardno works closely with the Florida Department of Transport, United States, ensuring roadways and highways are maintained and their service life is being monitored. Our teams ensure that in each project, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is referenced to ensure the roadways meet current standards. We have carried out works on a number of notable roads throughout Florida including the rebuilding and widening of I-275, aiming to alleviate congestion, and in turn increase safety on the road.

In Australia

Visualisation of proposed design for the Pacific Highway upgrade, from Woolgoolga to Ballina

Currently under construction, the Pacific Highway Upgrade – Woolgoolga to Ballina, New South Wales, Australia, will reduce the length of road between Woolgoolga and Ballina by 13 kilometres. In a joint venture with Arup, Cardno specialists undertook site investigations, route option and environmental assessments, established and maintained an Environmental Compliance Register and developed a fully-integrated 3D design model, using Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies. Upon competition, it is estimated that crash rates will drop by 27 percent, making the journey safer.

Our safety commitment at Cardno is Zero Harm – every job, every day. We care about the communities we work in – during Global Road Safety Week at Cardno we are #speakingup to save lives.

Our teams provide expertise in the assessment, planning, design, site development, and management of award winning transportation projects. Our experience is founded on strong transport planning and engineering capabilities at both local and international levels. Our team provides advice on the entire project life-cycle, from the initial business case through to the detailed design and certification of major physical infrastructures.

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