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From little things big things grow: Andrew Carr, Principal Traffic and Transport

A veteran around the traps, Andrew Carr knows a thing or two about traffic management. With comprehensive technical knowledge and a solid network, a small laneway traffic management project led to Victoria Harbour Master Planning and cascaded to one significant development project after another.

With over 37 years of experience, Andrew joined Cardno, now Stantec in 1996, alongside fellow colleagues Nick Glasson, Peter Tragasi and  Hugh McCormick.

In the early years - Andrew ready to attend the VPELA Gala Dinner

Developing a trusting relationship with his clients early in his career has paid off for Andrew.  Sharing knowledge and helping the client develop and understand the project scope has built trust and confidence in the process.  

Andrew and many of his early clients have grown and flourished together, starting with small projects and moving to larger ones, strengthening the relationship on the way.

"Maintaining contact with clients, discussing the project details and keeping them updated is good practice," says Andrew.

“I've been working with many clients for more than 20 years. We have developed strong professional relationships, which facilitate communication, understanding and enhanced project outcomes.

I believe it's important to look after even the smallest of projects. Years ago I was asked to provide traffic engineering advice regarding a six-metre wide laneway. This project led to a much wider role across the Victoria Harbour project.” adds Andrew.

Victoria Harbour was one of Andrew's most memorable projects, assisting Lend Lease for the past 15 years from the early master planning through to the actual development. 

The 28-hectare precinct project included traffic predictions and analysis, infrastructure design and construction traffic management.

Andrew's ongoing involvement in the development included the tram design, streetscapes, DDA access, loading and service vehicle access, car park access and control, and accommodating pedestrians and cyclists.

Victoria Harbour led to other major development projects, including Yarra's Edge, Melbourne Quarter and Collins Square.

These developments have made a remarkable change to the City of Melbourne, and the Docklands area, helping to transform these areas into a vibrant community, with places of business, recreation and residential, redefining the concept of work-life balance.

An integral member of the traffic team, Andrew is a role model and mentor to the future leaders of the organisation, directly supporting the people in his team.  He looks to facilitate each individual, their skills, technical and non-technical knowledge and how they can develop their career.

Some members of the current Victorian Traffic Engineering Team

Andrew looks to assist his team through mentorship, assigning project roles and challenges that align with continuing professional development.

Leading by example, Andrew instils an action-oriented mindset into everything he does, focused on doing the right thing and achieving positive project outcomes.

“Andrew is our 'rock', providing a solid foundation and has comprehensive knowledge of the consulting world. He always has time for the team - any questions and concerns, they look to him for his advice and wisdom. Andrew takes the time to get to know his colleagues, professionally and personally. This is his approach with clients too, that’s why his clients keep coming back”. says Marco Lucioni, Business Lead, Traffic.

Andrew Carr is a Principal in Traffic Engineering, Victoria.  Read more about our traffic projects.