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Explore the topic of reusing land safely in federal land use ebook

The federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)'s new ebook features a section on reusing land safely by Cardno Practice Group Leader Miles Ballogg.

The publication highlights the agency’s land reuse strategy, shares best redevelopment practices, and considers how safe land reuse can contribute to community resilience, partnerships, and sustainability.

Titled “Land Reuse and Redevelopment: Creating Healthy Communities,” the free textbook and community resource is available for free on ATSDR’s website.

Cover of federal land use e-book
Brownfields Practice Group Leader Miles Ballogg - “Our teams have led and helped foster a broad range of successful Healthfields redevelopment projects for clients, projects that focus on improving access to health and healthcare through Brownfields redevelopment, resources, strategies and concepts, especially within underserved communities."

Mr. Ballogg assisted with the writing of chapter 15 – Creating Healthfields: Redeveloping Contaminated Sites to Improve Access. The chapter examines the healthfields movement and spotlights some of the methods communities around the nation have benefitted from by focusing on health as part of their land reuse and redevelopment efforts.



For more information, contact:

Miles Ballogg
Practice Group Leader | Director – Brownfields & Economic Development

Nancy Cline
Vice President of Marketing & Communications | Americas Region