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Engineering passport to world of opportunities: Kaitlin Chuo, Traffic Engineer

From Taiwan to New Zealand, USA, UK, back to New Zealand and now Australia, Kaitlin Chuo, Traffic Engineer, is partial to travel.

With a thriving engineering career and Stantec's network of 400 offices in local communities worldwide, Kaitlin is looking forward to opportunities where she can utilise her skills overseas and develop innovative solutions in other countries.

Known for her positive can-do attitude and consistently high standards in work delivery, Kaitlin is an accomplished Traffic Engineer, bringing her vibrant approach to collaborating with teams on projects that vary in scope and complexity.

With several major projects under her belt, including North East Link and Level Crossing Removals, Kaitlin is an integral member of the traffic team in Victoria.

We learn more about Kaitlin and how she is making a difference

What do you do at Cardno, now Stantec? I’m a Senior Engineer in the Traffic Engineering Team​​​​​​​

Responsibilities: I provide traffic engineering advice, conduct road safety audits, manage multi-disciplinary project management, perform traffic impact modelling, etc

Speciality: Road safety

Why did you decide to become an engineer? I like science, math, and IT, things that are logical. So engineering is a good combination of all of those things


A motivator of people, Kaitlin's vivacious personality, together with her agile mindset, makes her the unsung hero of the traffic team.

"Since joining our team a few years ago, Kaitlin has made an outstanding contribution. A highly regarded member of the team, Kaitlin is known for her professionalism, strong work ethic, technical knowledge and passion to improve road safety. Combined with her bubbly personality, open and honest approach (yes she will tell it like it is!), we are thrilled to have found this gem from New Zealand", says Herman Lai, Principal Team Leader, Traffic and Transport.

What Kaitlin brings to the workplace

The Traffic Team

I enjoy learning new things and getting to know new people (hence my passion for travelling :)). This characteristic of mine drives me to always look for new ways to do things rather than being content with the old ways. So I am excited to see the changes our integration with Stantec will bring to our day-to-day work experience.

What I like most about my work is not the work itself, but the people that I get to work with. With our busy schedule, it is ever precious to be able to squeeze in a few laughs and even some pranks.

"People should always be put first since the best performance can only come from people who work with unity and harmony," adds Kaitlin.

Kaitlin Chuo is a Project Engineer in the Traffic Engineering Team, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

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