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ECO Magazine features Cardno article on integrated services during oil spill response

Cardno’s Senior Consultants Angie Morrow and Jeff Wakefield co-authored an article in ECO Magazine titled Integrating Response and Damage Assessment Data Collection Efforts during Oil Spill Response.

The article examines and encourages integrating to the extent feasible data collection emergency response and damage assessment processes immediately following an incident.

The authors argue integration can provide more timely and insightful data while increasing the effectiveness of both processes.

Angie has worked in the field of environmental science and oil spill emergency response for more than 20 years. She provides project management and strategic technical support for Natural Resource Damage Assessment projects across the country.

Jeff has provided professional environmental consulting services related to oil spill risks, financial assurance, and Natural Resource Damage Assessments for more than 20 years. He has also modelled the response of habitats, wildlife populations, and recreational users to environmental change.

 The article is featured in ECO’s September/October issue as part of the publication’s Best Practice series.