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Cardno supports staff volunteering efforts for Australian Bushfires

The south and east coasts of Australia continue to experience an unprecedented number of major bushfires, and as of last week the fires have destroyed more than 2600 homes and claimed at least 30 lives.

Supported by Cardno’s emergency leave policy, a number of our staff have selflessly volunteered their time to relief efforts by working with NSW State Emergency Services (SES).

Britt Hendricks was one of many Cardno staff to volunteer her time to disaster relief efforts

One such volunteer is Sydney-based Graduate Engineer, Britt Hendriks. As part of her volunteering Britt has been able to fulfill support requests for SES assistance from the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Britt was deployed to Glen Innes Fire Control Centre in September, which at the time was responding to the Long Gully, Wytaliba, Kingsgate, Kaloe Mountain and Bees Nest fires.

Working tirelessly as Logistics Support Officer, Britt arranged food, water, and emergency supplies for the brigades and incident management team fighting the fires.

She arranged delivery procedures and managed arising logistical issues, including caterer relationship management and forecasting of orders and requirements.

“My project-management and engineering skillset was of huge benefit to logistics management,” says Britt.

“The intensive people and relationship management from the deployment experience has in turn been a huge benefit to [my] stakeholder management skills and developing wisdom in the fine balancing act between pursuing process improvements and ‘getting the job done’, back in my work with Cardno projects.”

More recently and locally, Britt has also assisted in field tasks, including clearing trees to reopen roads and allow resident evacuation. She remains on standby to provide further support.

“I have been an enthusiastic SES member since 2017,” says Britt. “Similar to the reason I joined the Cardno International Development team, I am passionate about supporting positive change, strengthening communities and being there when people need it most.”

We are proud of - and thankful to - all our people who continue to give back to the communities in which they live in and work.

Cardno staff volunteered alongside NSW State Emergency Services in Glen Innes