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David Hansell appointed Senior Principal

As a Senior Principal, David will use his depth of experience and knowledge of Air Quality regulations to facilitate support for Cardno’s clients to ensure quality services are provided on time and at reasonable cost.

David’s wide-range of Air Quality experience includes air emission inventories, modeling, permitting, reporting, recordkeeping, monitoring, and auditing. As an Air Quality Program Manager, he has worked as a regulator and consultant for both the government as well as private industry.

“It is my experience as a regulator that allows me to assist our clients with their interactions with regulators to ensure successful outcomes.”

David works closely with clients to aide in not only compliance but cost savings. Upon implementation, his multi-year project at Hill Air Force Base to develop a risked-based Air Quality, Hazardous Material, and Hazardous Waste Inspection Program provided a significant savings to the government. Prior to the program, inspections were tracked in multiple data systems maintained by different organizations and all inspections were conducted semi-annually. 

David Hansell, Senior Principal

David was able to marry these different systems into a centralized system. The program reduced the number of inspections from 2,000 to 650 annually. Reduced workload from less inspections and centralized management of inspections resulted in a cost savings of $240,000 annually.

When asked what is the best way to describe how his work makes a difference to all of us, his response is vivid and simple, “Our work not only ensures our clients comply with environmental regulations reducing their risk of receiving enforcement actions, but it also helps to improve everyone’s quality of life by having clean air to breath.”

Projects like David’s help large-scale operations comply with Air Quality regulations making a lasting and positive impact