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Dan Salas appointed Senior Principal

Dan views his role as that of a problem solver: helping clients solve difficult regulatory concerns and conservation challenges. As a Senior Project Ecologist with Cardno, he believes strongly in the power of collaboration.

“I enjoy working with people that are motivated and think outside of the box, and encourage my team and partners to do the same. Each need we encounter is unique and requires a thoughtful approach to achieve success.”

Dan’s expertise includes stream and shoreline restoration, conservation planning, pollinator conservation, ecological restoration, endangered and threatened species management, wetland science, and decision analysis for environmental problems.

One example of Dan’s work is the development of the Nationwide Candidate Conservation Agreement for Monarch Butterfly on Energy and Transportation Lands.

“The Conservation Agreement for Monarch Butterfly is a first-of-it’s-kind conservation initiative completed on a timeline faster than any other agreement like this. By bringing together over 40 industry partners to conserve the monarch butterfly, we’ve created an innovative model for conservation and regulatory assurance. Partners involved span the nation from Maine to California and help maintain the country’s energy and transportation infrastructure.”

Senior Consultant Team Lead Senior Ecologist ESA

Dan Salas, Senior Principal, Environment

Projects like this have a lasting positive impact. Often that impact comes from working with partners seeking to make a difference in natural resources.

“I enjoy working with organizations, companies, and governments who want to lead the industry and develop work and projects that matter. Our natural resources are important, and it takes teams of people to develop lasting solutions to problems of today. Being a part of that motivates and energizes me.”