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Yahoo Sports speaks to Cardno ChemRisk, now Stantec regarding COVID-19 measures at the Olympics

Photo of Natalie Egnot

Senior Supervising Health Scientist, Natalie Egnot

Yahoo Sports Olympic Correspondent Jay Busbee received insight from Cardno ChemRisk, now Stantec Senior Supervising Health Scientist Natalie Egnot on the method used by Olympic organizes to prevent COVID-19 spread during the games.

Mr. Busbee’s column centers around Olympic organizers’ implementation of a closed-loop system in which all attendees, including athletes are preserved in a COVID-free bubble. He argues the methods used were successful in reducing positive cases but sacrificed comfort, cultural exchanges, and personal freedoms.

He reached out to Natalie for context into the closed-loop system’s drawbacks.


Dr. Natalie Egnot – “The closed-loop system is labor-intensive, expensive, and can have negative impacts on the mental health and well-being of participants.”

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