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Congratulations to Troy Ryan on becoming a Licensed Surveyor!

Growing up in country New South Wales, Troy started his career helping manage the family’s large dairy farm. Due to a combination of circumstances, the family decided to sell the farm. Uncertain of his career options, Troy was certain he wanted to work outdoors but in a technical capacity. Troy, applied and got a job as an assistant surveyor, which sparked his passion for surveying and hasn’t looked back.

Troy’s interest and love for the profession has gone from strength to strength.  After a four-year stint in Ireland and employed in various site survey roles, Troy returned to Australia and commenced as a Survey Technician with CardnoTGM in 2009.

Fast forward 12 years, Troy is now a Team Leader in the Geospatial Team, managing technical staff that are working on a variety of projects across Victoria, from greenfield land subdivision to asset recording for utility companies. Serving as a sounding board for the team, Troy is passionate about mentoring colleagues, assisting them to resolve issues and providing them with support to become more independent on site.

“I didn’t take the normal career path to become a Surveyor. I completed my Bachelor of Spatial Science part-time by distance over 10 years while working full time and helping raise our three children. It took a further seven years to become a Licensed Surveyor, and I was thrilled to pass the final assessment last month.” says Troy.

A Licensed Surveyor is the only person legally authorised to perform cadastral surveying.

There has been a significant increase in demand for Licensed Surveyors due to the high level of property development plus the constant need to define boundaries when land is subdivided, bought and sold.

Troy is one of nine Licensed Surveyors in a 40-strong Geospatial Team in Victoria.

Troy adds “CardnoTGM encouraged me to follow my career goals. With each milestone, they were great when it came to balancing my workload, plus time off to study and most importantly, having family time with my wife and kids“.

As a company that invests in our people by providing development programs together with a supportive team culture, Troy continues to nurture his team, helping them realise their potential and empowering them to pursue their professional goals.