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Coasts and ports experts share how Cardno works with nature

​Cardno experts, Nathan Burmeister, David Provis, Matthew Prumm, and Craig Blount delivered four presentations on how Cardno works with nature at the 2017 Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference in Cairns, June 21-23.

The Conference theme "Working with Nature" reflected the increasing recognition of the need to design and operate projects from a perspective that places the natural environment at the forefront of the project, to benefit the community and nature.

Dr Craig Blount, Cardno’s Senior Environmental Scientist, presented on Managing Sensitive Habitats Adjacent to the Port Botany Expansion. Craig has 25 years of consulting and research experience in marine ecology, environmental impact assessment and monitoring and fisheries. He is an expert in the design, implementation and management of large-scale marine monitoring programs, analysis, presentation and interpretation of data, reporting and project management. He is also the lead author of two large Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) for marine development and has contributed to many others.

Matthew Prumm presented on Anthropogenic Influences on Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics, A Case Study: Port of Ribadeo, Spain. Matthew is a Coastal and Maritime Engineer working on a large variety of local and international port and maritime projects for Cardno. Matt also attended the PIANC International Biennial Technical Visit.

Dr David Provis, Cardno’s Senior Principal Oceanographer, presented on Design Values for Wave-Generated Currents on Subsea Pipelines. David has more than 30 years' experience as a specialist in coastal oceanography and meteorology. He has expertise in coastal oceanographic phenomena including sediment movement in the coastal environment, the effects of cyclones and tsunami and oil spill modelling. His specialist expertise also includes aspects of meteorology and the application of measured data in operational situations as well as in numerical modelling.

Nathan Burmeister presented on Design of a Greenfield Port on a Remote Island. Nathan has seven years' experience working on infrastructure projects throughout Australia and in all phases of the project lifecycle. He has experience in planning for maritime facilities, major infrastructure detailed design projects, concept and feasibility design, condition assessments, coastal engineering projects, dredging, navigation, berthing studies and construction phase services.

For more information, contact:

Craig Blount
Senior Environmental Scientist
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Matthew Prumm
Coastal and Maritime Engineer
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David Provis
Senior Principal Oceanographer
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Nathan Burmeister
Senior Maritime Engineer
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