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Celebrating the success of Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia

​Cardno is proud to celebrate 12 successful years of managing Australian Government-funded education programs in Indonesia – opening opportunities for thousands of Indonesian children and youth to escape poverty and unlock their potential for better futures.

Across a number of programs, Cardno has been supporting the Australian Government to implement education programs across Asia Pacific. Improved education outcomes lay the foundation for economic growth and we’re now celebrating the success of Australia's Education Partnership with Indonesia.

In Indonesia, we have been working in the education sector since 2005 implementing the Learning Assistance Program for Islamic Schools (LAPIS). From 2006 through to 2011, we were given the opportunity to manage the Australian Government’s flagship education program, Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program (BEP). Cardno also managed the co-funded School Reconstruction Project (SRP) from 2010 to 2011 following the 2009 earthquake.

Most recently, we have implemented the Australia's Education Partnership with Indonesia – School Systems and Quality (SSQ) program from 2011 to 2017. Here are some highlights of the program's achievements:

  • Implementation of 20 Inclusive Education Madrasah Pilot Projects in five Indonesian provinces (Banten, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Sulawesi Selatan and Nusa Tenggara Barat). (Watch the video in full version or abridged version)
  • Implementation of the Madrasah Accreditation Program, improving education standards in 1,500 private madrasah across Indonesia. (Watch the video in full version or abridged version)
  • Implementation of a Community-based School Construction Program which has built 2,725 secondary schools in 30 provinces in Indonesia. At the end of the program, the new schools have accommodated 366,300 students in 10,175 classrooms. (Watch the video in full version or abridged version)
  • With more than 700 trainers, Professional Development for Education Personnel Program (ProDEP) trained and increased the competencies of 24,290 school principals and supervisors across 250 regencies in Indonesia. (Watch the video in full version or abridged version)

January 2017 marked the end of Cardno’s continuous support with the completion of the SSQ program. We are incredibly proud and privileged to be involved in these wonderful programs and to contribute to their successes. We would like to thank the Australian Government for the opportunities and we look forward to continuing to provide outstanding project management support on future Australian Government-funded education projects in Indonesia and across the Asia Pacific region.

For more information, contact:

Sam Spurrett
Country Manager, Indonesia
+62 21 8086 9884

Kerri Amos
Senior Consultant
+62 21 8086 9802