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Casual networking over coffee

Over the past few months, staff based at our Global Headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, have been taking time out to meet up and put some faces to names as part of our new Cardno Coffee initiative. The initiative aims to bring colleagues together from different business units and divisions and across all levels of management to help foster relationships and build a better-connected work environment.

Cardno Coffee participants were entered into a ballot and randomly selected into groups of four. Each group were given coffee vouchers to use at a café nearby so they could catch up in an informal setting outside of the workplace.

Participant Hannah Magdics said the initiative had been a great way to connect with her fellow colleagues in a relaxed environment.

“It was nice to get out of my usual working group and get to know other people from around the business,” she said.

“I was able to put faces to names and gain better understanding of their roles here at Cardno and now I chat to people more when I run into them in the hallways.”

Cardno Coffee will be replicated across other offices in 2019. This will help us bring colleagues together from other parts of the business, generating a greater working environment.