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Cardno wins acclaim for delivering climate-resilient international port in Nauru

A Cardno-managed project to build Nauru’s first fully functioning international port has won an award within the Asian Development Bank (ADB) internal recognition program, for its work to improve transport links and minimise the impacts of climate change.

The project was awarded the Outstanding Sustainable Transport Project Award by Shixin Chen, ADB’s Vice President, at a ceremony in Manila, and was ranked best in its category against all ADB transport sector projects in 2018.

As one of the smallest island nations in the Pacific, Nauru is especially vulnerable to rising sea levels. Cardno’s ADB-financed Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Connectivity Project is minimising climate impacts, and improving port operations in Nauru by building a wharf, breakwater, berth pocket and onshore port facilities on the nation’s west coast.

The ADB has explained the project “will transform the largely inoperable boat harbour into an efficient, reliable, and climate-resilient port which will improve the quality of life of all the people in Nauru.”

Recognising that Nauru Port is limited in its ability to unload cargo and load containers onto barges, Cardno’s infrastructure team worked to design a reliable transport link to help import food, goods, and fuel to the country. Because existing infrastructure is vulnerable to delays caused by weather and wind, which can be exacerbated by rises in sea-level, the project’s 170 metre long breakwater and 30 metre wide wharf will ensure that goods are loaded and delivered safely and efficiently.

Speaking at the project’s ground-breaking ceremony, Nauru President, Mr Baron Divavesi Waqa said “We waited for more than a century to change our dream of having an international port into reality.”

Construction supervision is expected to be completed by October 2021. Cardno is immensely proud to be partnering with the ADB to help deliver safe climate-resilient infrastructure for development in Nauru.

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