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Cardno will support NAVFAC LANT on newly awarded master planning contract

Cardno is pleased to announce that its Joint Venture with AECOM and Michael Baker International has been awarded a $95 million dollar master planning contract. The contract will include services for the preparation of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps planning and engineering services for work located primarily on the U.S. east coast but also worldwide.

The work to be performed provides for a variety of planning and includes:

  • global shore infrastructure plans
  • installation development plans
  • regional integration plans
  • functional plans
  • maintenance and sustainment plans
  • integrated product support plans
  • encroachment action plans
  • family housing and bachelor quarters comprehensive neighborhood plans
  • activity overview plans, and installation appearance plans

The JV will also prepare Project Planning Documents for the preparation of:

  • military construction project planning documentation
  • preparation of construction cost estimates, preliminary and parametric cost estimates and siting-land use studies/analyses
  • special site approvals
  • economic analyses
  • asset evaluations
  • basic facility requirements documentation
  • facilities planning documents
  • preliminary hazard analyses and lists, and sustainable design studies

The contract also provides for various studies related to master planning such as: concept, special planning, business case analysis, traffic/parking/movement, facility planning, feasibility, and safety. This contract extends for five years and is expected to be complete by May 2025.

For further information:

William Halperin
President, Government Services Division
Phone: +1- 805-564-4940  

Nancy Cline
Vice President Marketing & Communications | Americas Region
Phone: +1-813-664-4500

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