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Cardno town planners share their experiences in regional Queensland

Planning controls and interventions can form a catalyst for both short-term and ongoing economic and social success for any urban environment. This relationship is no more apparent than in Regional Queensland, where its many communities are dependent on the ongoing success of core industries and economic sectors to sustain existence.

Cardno town planners Justine Latemore and Stephen Whitaker have worked, lived and travelled throughout Regional Queensland. As part of their upcoming presentation at the Queensland Environmental Law Association Regional Intensive in Rockhampton, they will share their professional and personal experiences in Regional Queensland, highlighting emerging planning, economic and social opportunities.

"Many cities in regional Queensland are approaching a size where they can start to generate a significant critical mass of facilities and services which are conducive to a lifestyle competitive with that found in larger cities, without many of the issues," said Justine.

Development in regional centres is not, however, without its challenges.

"There is a need for strategic consideration of the sustainability and appropriateness of sprawling areas of urban development, to ensure development is designed and located in a logical manner for regional centres," said Stephen.

The QELA Regional Intensive is convened every two years in a regional Queensland location and gives regional professionals an opportunity to gather, discuss and learn about topical issues in the planning and environment space.

Planners Stephen Whitaker and Justine Latemore - Regional Queensland

Justine and Stephen have a great desire to see new development activity form an integral component of the success of regional Queensland and are eager to promote strategic planning that is cognisant of long-term economic, social and environmental opportunities and challenges.

The town planners said they would like to see regional Queensland retain its sense of place and character as part of new urban interventions, something which they believe has not been at the forefront of planning in recent times.

"I have found as a planner in a regional city, you have greater sense of ownership with the projects you are working on, as they more commonly affect the community you live and work in," Justine said.

General Manager, Regional North West Australia and South East Queensland (acting) Robbie Marshall said, "This reinforces Cardno's commitment to empowering human approach to the work we deliver and making a difference to our communities in regions."

Justine and Stephen will be presenting at QELA's Regional Intensive Conference on Friday 25 October 2019.