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Cardno supports LGBTQI+ employees with the launch of “Voice” across Asia Pacific

Cardno launched its employee-led LGBTQI+ resource group called Voice last week to enable employees from the LGBTQI+ community to connect with each other, LGBTQI+ allies and external organisations that support the LGBTQI+ community.   

Voice’s purpose is to be a strategic partner with Cardno to continue to promote a culture of inclusion and diversity for our LGBTQI+ employees. Voice will advance the understanding and inclusion of LGBTQI+ employees through awareness, information, support, networking opportunities and by collaborating with university groups and other external LGBTQI+ professional organisations.

Cardno celebrates an inclusive culture, our people are diverse and inclusive and we will continue to work on initiatives that provide platforms in order to enhance our inclusive and diverse company culture.  

"Having a tangible statement from the company that they support the LGBTQI+ community makes me proud and confident to be my complete self at work,” said Anna Butler, Cardno APAC Consulting, Environmental Scientist.

"Knowing that I work for a company that values and celebrates me for who I am is so important." said Anna.

To find out more about Cardno’s Inclusion and Diversity commitments, please click here.