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Cardno strengthens its focus on delivering client excellence with appointment of 100 new Principals

Cardno has demonstrated its dedication to client excellence through the appointment of 26 new Senior Principals and 74 Principals for 2019.

Each one is a recognised technical expert in their field and form part of Cardno’s Program for Recognising Technical Excellence which acknowledges, rewards and empowers technical leaders to deliver high quality service outcomes for our clients around the world.

Cardno CEO & Managing Director, Ian Ball commented on the motivation behind the program.

“We like to tackle our clients’ most complex and high value challenges, leveraging our deep technical expertise in a collaborative working style with them. We combine our experience, sector knowledge and digital capability to deliver innovative solutions that add value to our clients. This is what each and every one of new 100 Principals will focus on every day,” he said.

“This program ensures we acknowledge and develop the exceptional talent we have in the business and it creates career pathways for our technical innovators which in turn improves our retention rates.

“I’m also very encouraged to see that roughly a third of our new appointees are women which demonstrates a positive shift in gender balance compared to previous years,” he said.

Cardno would like to congratulate all new appointees on this achievement.


Cardno 2019 Senior Principals and Principals

Senior Principals

Andrew Simon Joseph von Wahlde
Dan Salas Katie Ross-Smith
David Hansell Paul Jones
Geoffrey Waterhouse Ryan Peterson
James Melledy Shannon Gaffney
Jennifer Pierce Sky Miller
Joel Thrash Steven Bartell
John Kabouris Thomas Nogaj
Asia Pacific   
Andrew Costen Julie McDonagh
Andrew Malowiecki Lorie Jones
Andy Johnston Nev Connell
Cameron Franklin Peter Miller
Julian Bosman  
International Development
Parag Shiswawala
Cardno PPI
Gustavo Rocha


Aaron Steber Myron Amick
Amanda Kreider Rachel Bell
Drew Sanders Richard Gross
Heather Schwar Richard Unruh
Joshua Shrader Robb Roos
Jeremy Runkle Ryan Pozzuto
Kerry Wells Wayne Lifton
Mitchell Katzel   
Asia Pacific   
Adam Turner Jonathan Knudsen
Alex Larance Jonathan Thom
Andrew Bradford Kate Reeds
Angela Wood Laura Garside
Antony Cameron Loretta Bray
Belinda Crichton Mark Viney
Ben Dash Matthew Tendam
Ben Hetherington Michael Bancroft
Christopher Hegarty Morgan Wilson
Daniel Pygas Murray Swales
Daniel Suman Nathan Downes
Daniel Wood Peter Baker
Danny McDonald Phil Garrity
David Poole Risden Knightley
David Stone Roger Shelton
Garry Neville Sam Levi
Geoff Hewitt Tanja Mackenzie
Gerard Zafico Tracy Davey
James Rayner Wayde Cunningham
International Development   
Brad Bowman Joshua de Bruin
Caroline Connolly Kerri Amos
Cinar Akcin Rachel Sitta
Cindy Colla Sam Spurrett
Danielle Alford Sarah Hamilton
Heather Graham Thomas Ingvoldstad
Jane Papasergio Violet Ketani
Joanne Choe   
Cardno PPI   
Carson Vrooman Christopher Taunton
Construction Sciences   
Adam Gleeson David Stirling
Brandt Logan Matthew Foley

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