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Cardno senior engineers to present at AWA NSW State Conference 2019

Senior Asset Management Engineer Geoffrey Kleu and Principal - Water Infrastructure Jonathan Knudsen will present at the Australian Water Association NSW State Conference held in Orange, NSW on 8-9 August.

Under the theme of Strengthening Communities through Collaboration and Technology, Geoffrey and Jonathan will present their papers in the Asset Management stream.

In the presentation Asset management: bridging the knowing - doing gap, Geoffrey will discuss the gap between knowing what constitutes good asset management practice and sustained successful implementation of this practice. This paper will draw on three recent case studies of asset management improvement road map development and implementation to identify common factors that drive improvement in asset management as well as factors that impeded success. These insights will benefit other asset owners pursuing their own path to improved asset management and the potential benefits are substantial: financial sustainability, service levels tied to customer affordability and asset risks better known and managed.

Jonathan will discuss Strategic asset planning for water assets: case study of the Oura water supply system. The Oura treatment plant and pump station supply 4 GL/y over a wide geographic area to Goldenfields Water’s customer base. The treatment plant and pump station are over 40 years old, with many components nearing the end of their service life. As the sole supply source of a large service area, the Oura supply system is a critical asset, and aging equipment presents a risk to reliable service delivery. To ensure a sustainable upgrade, a Strategic Asset Plan (SAP) for the treatment plant and pump station was developed. The SAP has allowed Goldenfields to select a preferred upgrade strategy, set capital upgrade budgets and start procurement of critical components with a sound basis for the investment.

Geoffrey Kleu is a senior asset management consultant at Cardno where he works with local government, water utilities and government agencies. Prior to joining Cardno, Geoffrey had 14 years' experience in heavy industry. In the steel industry, Geoffrey focused on the smelting and casting process, managing teams to maintain and operate a range of assets and conducting compliance audits. Geoffrey has undertaken numerous best practise systems audits of facilities while working the steel industry to ensure standards were being maintained and deficiencies were rectified.

Jonathan Knudsen is a Water Infrastructure Principal and Chartered Professional Engineer at Cardno. He has worked in the water industry for 16 years on a broad range of projects in drinking water, wastewater, recycled water and energy recovery.

Cardno is also a Principal Partner of the year’s conference.

For more information contact:

Geoffrey Kleu
Senior Asset Management Engineer
Phone: +61 2 4231 9600

Jonathan Knudsen
Senior Environmental Engineer and Principal - Water Infrastructure
Phone: +61 2 4231 9600