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Cardno’s Restoration Project takes first place award from Ohio Parks and Recreation Association

The Pearl’s Fen Restoration project was recognized by the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association as the 1st place project in the Capital Improvement Projects up to $1M category.

Cardno has performed services on each phase of this site’s restoration effort from grant application to restoration implementation. The Pearl’s Fen property was used as a livestock pasture and had in recent years become dominated by exotic and invasive species of vegetation.

“This was a unique project and for two years our Cardno team had the privilege to help restore this property to its native condition and for the future benefits of residents in Greene County, Ohio,” said Cardno Senior Consultant Joel Thrash. “Mound fens are truly unique habitats and seeing the site come back from one dominated with invasive species to one that is flourishing with native wetland vegetation, while becoming more accessible to area hikers and trailers, is truly rewarding.”

The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association issues first place awards in 13 awards for parks and recreation improvement projects throughout Ohio. The association is a non-profit, public interest organization representing over 2,050 professionals and citizen board members striving to provide quality park and recreational facilities and opportunities for all Ohioans while protecting and preserving Ohio’s natural resources.

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For more information contact:

Joel Thrash
Senior Project Ecologist 

Nancy Cline
Vice President of Marketing & Communications | Americas Region