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Cultural Resources team highlighted on downtown Tampa, Florida, US project

Our cultural resources experts in the Southeast are supporting the largest redevelopment project in downtown Tampa’s history. 

A recent Tampa Bay Times article profiled the archaeology work and historical documentation the team is performing.

As part of the mixed-use development, Cardno archaeologists have performed surveys, assessments, archival research, and digs within a significant portion of the entire project.

The area is rich in history with connections to the city’s earliest African-American communities, U.S. soldiers stationed at Fort Brooke, and Native American communities.

Glass Pottery Nail Shards from Historic Tampa Area

The Times article shares the project timeline, some of the artifacts discovered to date, a history of the site, including Fort Brooke and explains how Cardno’s work over the last three years fits in with the entire project and will help enhance Tampa’s understanding of its history. The article quotes Program Manager, and project manager, Paul Jones, Archaeologist and historian Lucy Jones, and Senior Staff Scientist and principal investigator Eric Prendergast.

Read the full article on the Tampa Bay Times website.