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Cardno’s Bob Nailon, ecological sciences expert, is delivering an oiled wildlife response presentation at the 2018 Clean Gulf Conference

Cardno’s Bob Nailon, Senior Wetlands Scientist, is presenting “Survey for Oiled Wildlife Response: The How’s and the Why’s” at next week’s Clean Gulf Conference in New Orleans, LA, USA.

Bob’s presentation will address wildlife surveys following an oil spill and the proper protocols involved. Topics addressed in the presentation include:

  • The importance of a job safety analysis
  • The roles and responsibilities of federal and state trustee agencies dealing with oiled wildlife
  • Pre-and post-impact plan guidelines for conducting wildlife surveys
  • Typical scare tactics for wildlife, pending agency approval
  • Standard equipment and procedures for oiled wildlife surveys.

Bob has extensive experience in oil spill response, including ephemeral data collection, habitat assessment and restoration, and natural resource damage assessments. He will present at Glean Gulf 2018 on Wednesday, November 14 as part of Session 4D.

Cardno has been a long-time participant in Clean Gulf, the premier annual event in the United States for industry and government experts to discuss the planning, preparedness, and response to oil and hazardous materials spills.

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Bob Nailon
Senior Wetlands Scientist

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