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Cardno’s asset management expert spotlighted in the Military Engineer Magazine

Byron Dunlap, an expert in Cardno’s Asset Management practice, has contributed to the September/October 2018, issue of The Military Engineer Magazine. The issue highlights Asset Management services and projects across the military.

Cover image of The Military Engineer, September-October 2018 Issue

The September/October issue includes the following article:

Implementing Large-Scale Asset Management” – where Byron discusses how “many built assets, including at military installations, are retained in service well beyond their initial design service life...asset management planning is being implemented and yielding results by allowing for a much better determination of long-term operations, maintenance, asset rehabilitation and renewal, and new capital needs.”

Byron is one of Cardno’s leading experts in Asset Management and Port and Transportation planning. He has completed engineering studies, and design for civil projects, conducted energy audits and large scale Facility Condition Assessments (FCA). He has completed detailed engineering and planning studies for civil site design, storm water management, and wastewater facilities, design of wastewater pumping stations, along with the construction management and inspection of multiple projects.

For further information:

Byron Dunlap
Principal, Asset Management
Phone: +1 410-990-0299
Nancy Cline
Director Client Marketing & Communications
Phone: +1-813-664-4500