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Cardno releases 2021 Pay Equity results

At Cardno, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity is embedded in everything we do. One important part of achieving equity throughout Cardno is ensuring we have pay equity.

We have committed to conducting a review every two years. This year, our pay equity review looked at the wage gap through a broader diversity lens, not just gender. This included race/ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and veteran status although there were some limitations in our data set due to self-disclosure.

Graph showing Cardo's Gender Pay Gap 2021 results for the United States, compared to 2019
Graph showing Cardo's Gender Pay Gap 2021 results for Australia, compared to 2019

We have made some great progress but we still have a way to go.

The gap between women’s and men’s earnings is a symptom of a broader cultural problem in workplaces around the world. Cardno strives to be a leader in this space, staying ahead of national benchmarks and working to identify gaps and acting when necessary.

We won’t stop until we can say “what gap?”.

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