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Cardno receives glowing praise for delivering Tanzania rural access programme

In January 2019 the Improving Rural Access Tanzania (IRAT) programme, which has since been completed, saw its final evaluation workshop provide overwhelming positive feedback.

Renowned independent monitoring and evaluation body Itad conducted the final stakeholder workshop displaying findings, conclusions and recommendations following the five year programme.

Funded by the Department of International Development (DFID) UK, which were among the stakeholders at the workshop, the programme is said to have affected 2.6 million lives for the good, across 32 districts of Tanzania.

It has done this is by way of rural access improvement. Better access in rural communities means more income from crop yield, access to schools and healthcare, and countless other social benefits. The programme went about addressing physical bottlenecks in road networks and rural terrain, as well as other institutional shortfalls and societal issues. 14 large bridges were constructed and 51 box culverts installed in under five years. At the same time IRAT delivered separate initiatives like road safety and environmental activities.

Rural road with pick up truck in Tanzania

Cardno, along with International Management Consultants (IMC) provided in country technical assistance to the programme implementers who are the President’s Office, Regional and Local Government (PORALG) of Tanzania, as well as the Tanzanian Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA).

The final evaluation presentation emphasised how IRAT influenced the written National Transport Policy (NTP) with working systems of management, consultancy and value for money; it also paved the way for other development partner programmes by demonstrating successful implementation and new systems.

An example of the new systems Itad are referring to include the District Road Management System (DROMAS) developed as part of the programme. This hugely successful online, nationwide software uses engineering input to map the road networks across Tanzania. Similar systems are already being developed for neighbouring countries in East Africa.

IRAT has been shortlisted by British Expertise International for its annual awards. The programme, and Cardno, hope to win best International Development Physical Project. Cardno International Development UK have been shortlisted for two other nominations. Learn more about the awards here.

We are very pleased to have received such great feedback for the IRAT programme as it’s recognition that hard work is paying off and making a positive impact to communities in Tanzania. We seek to replicate this high level of delivery across all our programmes.