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Cardno project scientist to share species relocation work at bridge conference

​Cardno’s Tom Estrem will be co-presenting a discussion at the Michigan Bridge Conference in Lansing, Michigan, on March 23 about an aquatic species relocation for a bridge construction project. Joining Tom will be Doug Hyland, President of the Village of Muir, the project’s location, and project engineer Connie Houk, PE, of the Michigan-based civil engineering firm Prein & Newhof.

The presentation, Prairie Street Bridge over Maple River: A Project with Threatened and Endangered Species, will discuss the bridge construction project in central Michigan’s Village of Muir, which had an abundant, high quality freshwater mussel community. Cardno was brought in to complete the mussel relocation before instream work, necessary for the bridge’s construction, could begin. The team relocated 1,084 individuals composed of 21 species, including seven state-listed species. The relocation effort was completed in July 2015.

Tom has nine years of experience working on the lakes and streams of northern Indiana and the Midwest. He collects aquatic resource data for stream and lake assessments and collects data and identifies fish, macroinvertebrates, and mussels. Before joining Cardno, he worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Tom has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aquatic Biology, emphasis in Fisheries, and has completed several courses in stream geomorphology.

You can find more information on the Michigan Bridge Conference website.

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Tom Estrem
Project Scientist
Phone: + 1 574-586-3400