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Cardno presents on the ‘Democratisation of positioning’ at the NZIS Conference 2018

Centimetre accuracy positioning may still remain the domain of the surveyor, but decimetre (sub-foot) accuracy positioning in XYZ is now open season to all. What does this mean for surveyors and for spatial practitioners?

A surveyor is no longer a requirement for many positioning and data capture applications. GNSS positioning sensors and GIS software integration have now fully converged. Meaning the pricing, configuration and operator learning curve has come down to the point where someone with a reasonable grounding in spatial practice, but no specific surveying experience, can capture fully GIS-compatible, attribute rich information in their real-world position to an accuracy that is now fit for purpose.

Prior to this convergence rich attribute information could be captured by a non-surveyor but often inefficiently and only to ‘a few metres’ of their correct location. Alternatively, surveyors could capture very accurate, and consequently expensive, location information about features, but either with very limited attribute information or information in a format that required significant additional formatting to make useful.

Arial view of ocean and cargo containers

This presentation will explore the traditional and emerging domains of the surveyor and the spatial practitioner for applications where real-world positioning and rich information is required. It will do this with reference to two asset inventory case studies, a perspective on ‘accuracy’, a nod to the technology and an insight into a changing of the mindset that is occurring within and beyond the surveying and spatial profession.

NZIS is a membership organisation promoting and supporting all aspects of the surveying and spatial profession. This includes cadastral, engineering, hydrographic, geodetic surveying, land development and urban design and spatial. Their annual conference is in Nelson from the 17-19 May 2018.

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