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Cardno presents on 'Leadership in the Workplace' at Public Works Training Week

Our Regional Manager of Western Australia and Northern Territory, Marino Evangelisti, delivered a presentation on 'Leadership in the Workplace' at the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, Public Works Training event earlier this month.

The annual IPWEA Public Works Training Week contributes towards the personal growth and development of industry professionals working in the public works space. This significant event gives industry leaders the opportunity to share and discuss a wide range of key topics to help expand the knowledge and skill base of younger employees.

Marino's presentation focused on how leaders can better lead 'clever people' in the industry and how frontrunners can create an environment in which they can thrive. The presentation also highlighted how leaders should lead by example and strive to be a benevolent guardian of shared values to a team of highly creative and intelligent people.

A panel discussion, including Marino and three other industry leaders, followed the presentation which gave young employees the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas and insights about leadership in the modern world.

Industry leaders engaging with young employees presentation - IPWEA Public Works Training Week

Many thanks to IPWEA for their involvement in organising this event.