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Cardno partners with TfNSW on industry first Digital Engineering framework

The New South Wales (NSW) Government is delivering the largest transport infrastructure program Australia has ever seen with $72.2 billion of investment over four years for game-changing projects like Sydney Metro, light rail, motorways and road upgrades that will shape NSW cities, centres and communities for generations to come.

With a portfolio of projects of this scale and complexity, innovative and consistent digital design and delivery is critical for success.

Cardno is pleased to partner with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) on Digital Engineering (DE) delivery and compliance across its portfolio of infrastructure projects.

TfNSW is implementing a DE Framework to connect emerging technologies with reliable structured data, enabling more collaborative and productive methods of project delivery and management throughout the lifecycle of these important community assets.

Digital Engineering Framework TfNSW

In an industry first engagement, Cardno, on behalf of TfNSW (client and asset owner), will ensure that Engineering consultants align the delivery of their projects (with respect to Digital Engineering and all aspects of the design process that relate to DE), with the TfNSW DE Framework.

The Cardno team will also assist with DE review, host coordination, training and lessons learned workshops and assist contractors with the correct adoption and implementation of the TfNSW DE Framework.

Cardno’s Sydney Transport Digital Engineering Manager, Blake Feehely, commented on Cardno’s role in supporting TfNSW in transitioning their projects to becoming data-centric.

“We are excited about this engagement and look forward to exploring the value TfNSW’s DE Framework will bring to all project teams and the industry more generally. TfNSW want a more connected and contiguous supply chain for improving project outcomes and fast-tracking infrastructure delivery, we can see how this framework will achieve that”.

“Residents and visitors to NSW who experience a smart city transport experience will be the ultimate beneficiaries and we’re really proud to be contributing our expertise.” he said.

Find out more about the TfNSW Digital Engineering Framework.

Video provided courtesy of TfNSW.