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Cardno Native Plant Nursery celebrates its 25th anniversary at 2019 open house

The Cardno Native Plant Nursery is pleased to announce its 2019 Open House as part of its 25th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, July 26, 2019 at its offices on 128 Sunset Drive in Walkerton, IN, USA.

Cardno is hosting its bi-annual Native Plant Nursery Open House to share the importance of protecting and enhancing native habitats across the country.

Cardno Native Plant Nursery grows more than 350 species of native plants and seeds for landscape projects and ecological restoration.

Its open house is designed to educate the public on the importance of native plants, pollinators (like the Monarch butterfly) and the work required to enhance environmental stewardship.

People lined up to enjoy Cardno Native Plant Nursery OpenHouse

2017 Open House

This year’s open house celebrates the nursery’s 25th year of business and includes:

  • An open house of the company’s native plant nursery grounds and production facility
  • Five educational sessions or workshops
  • A subsurface utility engineering demonstration, and
  • A tour of the grounds, products, and production facilities at the nursery.

“This is a family-friendly event where those interested in learning more about native plants and our ecosystem can hear from industry experts, including our nursery staff,” said Cardno Nursery Business Development Manager Jason Fritz. “We only hold this event every two years, and this is a special one since it coincides with out 25th anniversary.”

For more information on the open house, including a full schedule of events and programs, visit the nursery’s website.

For more information:

Jason Fritz
Nursery Business Development Manager
Phone: 1-574-586-4246

Nancy Cline
Director Client Marketing & Communications
Phone: +1-813-664-4500