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Cardno is at the Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum in Bangkok

​Cardno is excited to attend the Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Global Learning Forum in Bangkok, Thailand on 23-25 May 2017. This forum will showcase Cardno’s approach to WEE under the Market Development Facility (MDF).

The MDF is a six-year AU$44.9 million private sector development project funded by the Australian Government which aims to sustainably increase employment for poor women and men in rural and urban areas of Timor-Leste, Pakistan, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka.

The MDF incorporates WEE throughout all stages of the program – from selecting sectors in which to work to measuring impacts and success. While choosing sectors in each country, the MDF considers where women are actively involved. It then refines and supplements its sector research and sector strategies through specific gender-focused research. Cardno is responsible for all management and implementation functions of the MDF to maximise sustainable and systemic change in markets that lead to pro-poor growth.

“We are proud of MDF’s fantastic achievements in Women’s Economic Empowerment – indeed it has been pivotal to the industry as a whole,” Renee Crossley, Cardno’s Market Systems Practice Leader said.

“But that’s not the only project in which we incorporate Women’s Economic Empowerment. It is one of the key outcomes of Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development, an Australian Government flagship gender program, which Cardno supports.

"Cardno’s work in Women’s Economic Empowerment is broad ranging, from reducing barriers to women in the transport sector across Latin America and the Caribbean to enhancing skills and employment opportunities for women in Kosovo.

“Closer to home, on the Australian Government-funded Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program (CAVAC), we have reinvigorated our approach to gender by focusing on Women’s Economic Empowerment – targeting markets and partnerships to achieve our WEE goals.

“While still in the early days, we are starting to see the impact of this work. Cardno recognises that gender equality and WEE are key drivers of economic growth and hence a vital focus of the work we do globally.

“We have developed a WEE framework and embed WEE considerations across our portfolio. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of WEE enables us to develop more effective and innovative approaches and partnerships that are more sustainable and relevant for the local communities,” Renee, who is also Program Director of CAVAC, added.

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