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Cardno International Development’s Commitment to Gender Equality

Cardno International Development has released a Gender Equality Commitment founded on the Human Rights Framework and globally agreed principles.

It outlines gender equality commitments of employees, program partners and stakeholders; how gender equality will be pursued in the future and integrated across Cardno International Development.

Gender equality is a key factor in the international development sector and our team at Cardno International Development delivers programs to effect change.

Gender equality is a human right and essential for improving people’s wellbeing. Sustainable development cannot happen without gender equality and for true change to occur, there must be commitment to gender equality across the whole aid sector.

Global President of Cardno International Development, Marian Boreland explained what the gender equality commitment means for our International Development team.

“Our gender equality commitment ensures that our systems and processes embed standards and guidance to ensure gender equality is truly and substantially on the agenda,” said Marian.

“As a group, we are working to understand what it means for our programming to consider the intersections of vulnerability, and we’re taking up the challenge of championing social inclusion and women’s rights through the delivery of programs where gender equality is a core focus.

Our commitment is part of a long-term process to reflect, learn and work differently to transform gender and power relations through our programs, this will lead to real change,” she said.

We commit to:

  • Building knowledge and capacity on our approach and commitment to gender equality amongst Cardno ID staff, program personnel, program delivery partners and national and international stakeholders
  • Actively pursuing positive gender equality outcomes across our international development programs to meet our gender equality standards
  • Integrating gender equality across Cardno ID’s operational systems.

For further information contact:

Lois Knight, Principal at Cardno International Development and Contractor Representative for Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development Support Unit.
Phone: +61 3 9937 0738